Bluetooth Stereo Audio Cassette Player Adapter

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Bluetooth Standard

iTape Bluetooth Cassette Adapter Features:

1. With iTape Bluetooth Cassette Adapter, your cassette deck player instantly becomes a Bluetooth wireless cassette player. Use in your car or your home system. Stream music from any bluetooth enabled device such as your iphone, Tablet PC Etc;
2. No complicated installation. No cables. No tangled or snagged tape. Just pop it in and it automatically turns on.
3. 2nd Gen Cassette Adapter contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery for even the longest road trips. while 3rd Gen Cassette Adapter has the charging port, Power on/off switch and Mic button outside of your tape deck.
4. Both of your hands stay safe on the wheel while your audio source stays in your pocket.
5. Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is the last cassette you'll ever need and the first -and only-step to bring your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks into your car.
6. Get rid of all your traditional cassette


1.Voice Quality: The 3rd generation has improved music quality and many other details by testing many times, make it listenning more smooth and comfortable even in a very loud voice,of couse the 2nd gen itself has a very good voice quality.
2. Micro SD slot: The 2nd generation has micro SD memory slot, so you can play music directly from the TF card. While the 3rd gen does not have the SD slot.
3. Charging Port / Power On/Off Button: 3rd gen outside of your deck player so you don't need to take the cassette player out from your deck player for charging, you can enjoy your music while charging,
4. Microphone: For 3rd gen the mic is designed with the Power on/off and Charging port together outside of your deck player, so you will get much more better audio quality while you make/answer calls
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Transforms your cassette deck into a Bluetooth cassette player instantly;
Use CSR8635 Bluetooth program;
2nd gen iTape with Micro SD/TF slot ,can play music/files direct from the Micro SD/TF card while 3rd without Micro SD/TF slot
Support Bluetooth answer/make calling;
Support stereo music playing, audio format: AAC, MP3, SBC, Stereo,
Support Bluetooth 4.0+EDR;
Two indicator lights (1 blue, 1 red);
Transfer distance: 10m;
Battery capacity: 140mAh;
Charging current: 80mA;
Pairing current: 8mA, standby current: 2mA, playing music and make calls current is 30mA,
Working voltage: 3.3-4.2V

3rd gen iTape bluetooth cassette adapter can play music while charging, while 2nd gen iTape bluetooth cassette adapter can not.
Compatible with:
All Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as: iPod, Iphone, Samsung, smart phone, tablet, laptop, media player etc.

How to operate:

1. Please hold power switch (on/off) for several seconds to put into pairing mode.

2. For 3rd gen and 2nd gen, the Bluetooth cassette will start flashing blue/red meaning it has gone into pairing mode.

3. Now go into your Bluetooth setting on your device and select “BT Tape”(3rd gen and multifunctional iTape) or "iTape"(2nd gen) to pair.

4. After the success of pairing, blue light will flash fast to indicate it’s paired (3rd gen and 2rd gen)

5. Now insert the iTape into your cassette player, push play on your cassette player.

6. Select the music on your device and enjoy wireless music.

How to make calls:
After the success of pairing, you can call back the last telephone number by clicking twice on the on/off switch and hang up by pressing once. When you receive a call press the on/off quickly to answer or hang up.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can I use the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth while charging?
The 3rd gen and multifunctional iTape Pro can, that's our product's biggest advantage, just make sure the charge slot form the top compartment of the cassette adapter bluetooth and that it is dangling outside of your tape.
Note for the 2nd Generation you need to take it out off your cassette desk when the power is off .
2.Can I use the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth to answer phone calls?
Yes!  Built in microphone that allows for hands-free cellphone operation while driving.  
3.When I talk to someone on the phone they complain that I sound muffled. Can I fix this?
Make sure that you have removed the microphone from the top compartment of the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth and that  outside of your tape deck for 3rd generation Cassette Adapter.
4.The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is in my tape deck but will not pair to my device. What could cause that?
The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth will power off after 5 minutes once Bluetooth is disconnected. To re-establish connection, use the power switch on the side of the Cassette Adapter Bluetooth to cycle the power OFF then ON. The Cassette Adapter Bluetooth will also turn back on and enter pairing mode if it is removed and re-inserted into your tape deck.
5.How long is the battery life? Are there any steps I can take to maximize battery life?
The built-in rechargeable battery should last for up to 6 hours.
To even further extend battery life, keep this in mind. The Cassette can be powered in 2 ways: (1) Power Switch turned ON or (2) Power Switch Off, and Cassette Adapter’s metal tape head pressed in by a cassette deck’s Play mechanism. Since the Cassette Adapter can be powered by pressing in the tape head, use the following steps to further extend battery life.
Turn Cassette Adapter switch to Off at all times.
Insert Cassette Adapter into cassette deck.
Engage Play on cassette deck. Note: Some decks automatically engage Play upon insertion.
The Cassette Adapter should now be powered on and ready for Bluetooth Connecting (because it tape head is pressed in).
Connect your Bluetooth device and play music.
When finished or not using, ensure the Cassette Adapter’s tape head is not engaged (pressed in) by either pressing Stop on your cassette deck, or by ejecting the Cassette Adapter entirely.
To reconnect, repeat Steps 2-5.
6.If the cassette deck powers on the Cassette Adapter, is the separate power switch not needed at all?
The Cassette Adapter will turn itself on automatically when your cassette player’s tape head engages. While this ’auto-on’ feature means many customers will never need to use the external ’Power Switch’ on the Cassette Adapter, some customers like the idea of being able to fully pair their Bluetooth device to the Cassette Adapter before inserting it into a cassette deck.