Smart Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset

$54.95 $119.95


1. Innovative Bone Conduction Technology! - Transmit sound waves directly to the cochlea by vibrations. Listen to the music without blocking your ears!

2. Listen simultaneously to your music and your surroundings. Sound waves are transmitted at a frequency that can be conducted through the bones of the skull. Avoid damage to your ears during exercises and be aware of the surrounding situation

3. Adjustable headband for tight and comfortable wearing. No worries of the headset falling off! Universally Compatible - Suitable for most Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone 6S Plus, 5S, 5, 4S, Android smartphones and Samsung Galaxy phones

4. Dual microphones deliver clear 2-way communication to your Phone/Android/Samsung phone even in noisy environments

5. Sweat resistant, safer to enjoy music during exercise/driving

Package Contents:
Bluetooth headset x 1
Adjustable headband x 1
Micro USB cable x 1
Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Charging: Power Adapter (DC 5V output 150 mah)
Support Protocol: Headset/Handsfree/A2DP/AVRCP
Standby Time: 10 days
Battery Capacity: 220mah
Wireless Range: 33ft (10m)
Charge Time: 2 hours
Speaker Type: Bone Conduction Technology Speaker, 1W Dual Speaker
Mic: Dual Anti-Interference Microphones, -40DB
Receiving Sensitivity: 88dBm
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency Range: 20-20KHz
FM: No
System Language: English
Indicator light
Blue lights flashing: matching in progress...
Blue light flashing rapidly and flash slowly after matched
Matching Method:
1.Put Bluetooth headphone switch at "ON"
2. Search Bluetooth device on your phone or other digital products, then choose it.
If it is 1st time to match, it will automatically enter the match mode once the BT headphone turning on. The LED lights will alternate flash between blue and red.
If it was connected with last device, it will automatically match in 10 seconds with blue light on. If it matches other device or re-match, press "play" button for 3 seconds, the Bluetooth headphone will enter manually matching mode with blue and red light flash alternatively.