Smart Tag Wireless Bluetooth Tile Tracker with GPS

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Have you ever lost your keys when you are late for work?


Have you every lost your purse, wallet, or luggage at home, at work, or at the airport?


Wouldn't it be GREAT if you could find them on a built-in Google Map with just the Press of a Button?


Well now You Can!!

1. Find keys, bags and other valuable items!

2. Run App in IOS5 or Android 4.3 (or newer), the device will beep untill you find the lost item after you touch the "Find Me" icon in service ready status.


3. Attach the device to your item, then when the mobile phone and item move out of range, both the mobile phone and the device will beep to alert you. Mobile phones can have different sounds and vibrations to remind you.

Personalized Reminder:
To give you the double protection, note the tracker and mobile phone will beep if the tracker is beyond the preset range.


Connection Remind:
When the mobile phone reconnects with the tracker, the phone will beep. When you're waiting for your luggage in the airport, you can do anything you want while you're waiting once your luggage appears, your phone will notify you.


Location Record:
The app will record the location information and mark on the inbuilt map where the tracker disconnected with your phone just follow the location and find it back.


Help to find:
Lost the connection with your belongings? The App will automatically record the location, and all other App User scans functions will help to find it. When the user finds the missing item, the app will send the location information.


The biggest feature is that it injects a social element, and builds a network with Google Maps to find things which works beyond normal Bluetooth range as the tracker allows the Owner to report the information of missing items through the App to the server, so that all Users who have installed this app could automatically help find it. Once found, App location will be sent to the owner of the phone.


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1. How far is the connection range between the phone and the patch?
Outdoors range is approx. 50 meters, Indoor range is approx. 30 meters.

2. Does the tracker need charging or not?
No. The tracker uses a button battery, with normal use it will last about 8 months.
When the battery is low it will be prompted to replace the battery. 

3. How do you attach the tracker on items?
The patch can be hung on items, such as pet collars, loaded into bags, or easily attached to the surface of items with the help of 3M double-sided stickers (not included)

4. Can my tracker be used by other users?
You can log in the account with your Facebook or Twitter account.
To protect your privacy, we use encryption algorithms that can protect your tracker and can only be used on your account. 

5. What is Network Searching?
When your items are missing, you can use APP in the "Lost statement" so all the other APP users can help to find them. When they succeed in finding the items, the Location information will be sent to the owner of the phone, the owner can easily find the missing items.

6. Whether my personal information will be leaked, if I help other users to find things? No, the Cloud Server will only send the GPS information to the owner of the phone, so the owner does not know who is the one who helped find it, it will not disclose any personal information.


7. How to activate the patch?
Put the patch close to the phone, open the APP, select the corresponding item or choose to add items, according to APP tips, you can associate it with the phone.

8. Can Android version be used?
Yes, as long as it suppoers Bluetooth Version 4.0

9. Any requirements for IPhone version?
It supports iPhone, IPhone 4S hardware or above, IOS 6 or the later software versions.